Design must elevate,
not merely delight.

Wolfgang Maehr

digital product creator × beach ultimate player × gypsy

Interaction Designer making digital products usable, delightful and meaningful around the globe for more than a decade. Believes in our responsibility to shape the path of the ongoing digital revolution towards a greater good. Fascinated by the interplay of societies, culture, technology and politics.

  • Design Lead at PebbleRoad, a management & design consultancy in Singapore.
  • Former Head of Design at Gumbuya, a digital platform start-up in Singapore.
  • Former co-founder of Extra Thought, a design consultancy in Singapore.
  • Former interaction designer at Opera, when they still made browsers.
  • Started and ran DestrActions, a monthly hands-on design meet-up.
  • Beach ultimate player and actively involved in the WFDF Spirit of the Game Subcommittee and Singapore Beach Ultimate. Previously worked on Comms, IT Admin and Governance for India Ultimate.

Loves to move and explore new places, nature, cultures and people.

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